Insure Your Love: A Quility Client Story

Insure your love with life insurance

February is Insure Your Love Month—a nationwide campaign designed by the nonprofit organization Life Happens. This year, in support of this campaign, we reached out to Quility’s nationwide network of agents to find stories that exemplify the intersection of life insurance and love. This is one of our favorites. 

David’s story:

After a successful, 20-year career in the hospitality industry, Omar Diaz decided to bring his love of service and helping others to the insurance industry. He now works as an agency owner at Symmetry Financial Group, a subsidiary of Quility. 

Omar was able to put his passion for helping others into action when he met David—a new client who was seeking a particular life insurance policy. Not long into the conversation, David disclosed his previous cancer diagnosis and subsequent brain surgery.

Omar knew the policy David wanted would be difficult to obtain so he began offering other options. As their conversation continued, Omar mentioned one of Quility’s 80+ carriers and David recognized the name. He remembered at some point having made a payment to that carrier, but he wasn’t sure what exactly he had paid for. 

Even before securing him as a client, Omar began to research David’s case. Eventually, he discovered that David had paid for a policy which provides reimbursement for expenses related to a prolonged illness or disability.

Even more, David was still eligible to receive those reimbursements. Omar proceeded to walk David through the process of making his claim and receiving his payout (all before getting started on the policy he had called about in the first place!) 

The following is a transcription of a voicemail left by David:

“Hi Omar. David here. I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to say thank you. Thank you for your expertise. Thank you for your support in helping me to get more than a $200,000  check from [previous insurer]. It has definitely helped cover most of my medical expenses and bills and definitely provided assistance through these tough times. From the bottom of my heart, really, thank you. Thanks Omar; for you and the agency—thank you.” 

Life insurance = love insurance

David’s story shows how life insurance, especially with the addition of living benefits, insures not only love for self but for those who love and depend on you as well. The $200,000+ payout David received provided relief for his entire family who had been subjected to the burden of medical debt. With his bills paid off, David’s loved ones could get back to what matters most—each other.  

This February, consider insuring your love. Policies like Quility Level Term can be applied for in 10 minutes or less—from the comfort of your home or with the help of a licensed agent (like Omar). 

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