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Coverage as low as $20 a month
What is Mortgage
Protection Insurance?
Mortgage protection insurance is an affordable term life insurance policy designed for homeowners. With up to $1 million in coverage, you can get a flexible, affordable policy delivered to your inbox in less than 10 minutes. You can choose how long you need coverage and find a rate that fits your budget. This type of life insurance ensures that your family stays in your home in the event of death or significant loss of income.
Benefits of Mortgage Protection Insurance
Easy Application

No medical exam required, apply in minutes online or with the help of a licensed Quility agent.


Rates as low as $20/month

Up to $1 million in coverage that can last until your mortgage is paid off — timing is up to you.

Not sure if mortgage protection insurance is the right life insurance choice for your family? Read our guide to the benefits of mortgage protection insurance.

See just how affordable mortgage protection insurance rates can be.*
Man and woman hugging, got mortgage protection insurance for 22 dollars a month
Meet Jerry L.

Jerry is 29 and recently purchased his first home for him and his pregnant wife. He wants to secure coverage for his growing family.

Coverage: $100,000

Term: 30 years

Rate: $22/month

With mortgage protection insurance, Jerry and his family could have coverage until their mortgage is paid off.

Two women hugging, celebrating getting mortgage protection insurance with Quility for 14 dollars a month
Meet Caroline A.

Caroline and her partner are both 32 and have two homes they rent out through a popular app. They want to make life insurance a part of their investment strategy.

Coverage: $250,000

Term: 20 years

Rate: $14/month

This affordable insurance solution would ensure that Caroline’s investments stay with her partner if she suddenly passed away.

Meet Miguel C.

Miguel is 45, has two adult children in college and one entering high school. He wants to ensure that his mortgage payments are covered and his home stays within his family.

Coverage: $500,000

Term: 20 years

Rate: $115/month

Mortgage protection insurance would enable Miguel’s loved ones to keep up with mortgage payments in the event of his death.

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Peace of Mind

When you purchase mortgage protection insurance with Quility — either online or with the support of our licensed agents — you are choosing peace of mind, knowing that mortgage payments wouldn’t burden your loved ones if you pass away or face income loss due to a critical illness or disability. Make the choice to protect your family from losing your home and start your mortgage protection application today.

The Quility Difference

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Partnered with 80+ insurance companies, we do the shopping for you to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price. It’s our promise to you.

We Keep It Simple

Insurance can seem complicated, but we don’t think it needs to be. Our goal is to make it simple and easy.

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Do I need mortgage protection insurance?

None of us can know when we’ll pass away or become critically ill or disabled. If you are a homeowner or in the process of buying a home, it makes sense to apply for mortgage protection insurance coverage today.

How does mortgage life insurance differ from homeowner’s insurance?

Both types of insurance can be necessary for homeowners. While homeowner’s insurance is important to cover personal liability and property damage, such as damage from weather, theft or vandalism, mortgage protection insurance covers your mortgage payments if you were no longer able to. Read more about the differences between mortgage protection insurance and homeowner’s insurance.

How much is mortgage protection insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance is generally the least expensive type of life insurance to pay off your mortgage.

How much mortgage protection insurance coverage do I need?

Everyone has different insurance coverage needs. To help determine how much coverage is right for you and your family, visit our guide to buying mortgage protection insurance or connect with a licensed Quility agent to ensure you are securing the right amount of coverage for your family.

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The rates shown are based on past examples of quotes provided to people based on their demographic information. These are examples of the kinds of rates you can expect. All life insurance quotes and approvals are based on age and overall health at the time of purchase. Generally, non-smokers in good health will get the most affordable life insurance rates.

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