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Cover end-of-life expenses so your family doesn’t have to.

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Quility offers final expense insurance policies from the top life insurance companies. Discover your options & reach out to our trusted agents if you have any questions along the way.

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What to Know
Life-long peace of mind.
Final expense insurance covers your end-of-life expenses. The death benefit provides a lump sum that’s designed to cover costs related to your passing, including medical expenses, a memorial, or funeral service. With final expense insurance, your loved ones would be given the chance to grieve rather than worry about funeral expenses.
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Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Cover End-of-Life Expenses

Set aside funds for your funeral and future or recurring expenses

Easy Application

Most insurance companies don’t require a medical exam

Cash Value Component Grows Tax-Deferred

You can access these funds throughout your lifetime

The average cost of a funeral is $10,000.

Do your loved ones have these funds readily available if you pass away?

Peace of Mind

Final expense insurance helps your loved ones pay for funeral expenses, and it provides you with peace of mind in knowing everything’s covered. With Quility, you can choose the policy and terms that fit your needs in just a few simple steps. Our trusted agents are here to provide as much support as you need.

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The Quility Difference

We Shop for You

Partnered with 80+ insurance companies, we do the shopping for you to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price. It’s our promise to you.

We Keep It Simple

Insurance can seem complicated, but we don’t think it needs to be. Our goal is to make it simple and easy.

We’re Here for You

If you want to learn more about your insurance options, our trusted agents can help you discover which policies are best for you.
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We’ve been doing this for a while.

Quility is backed by thousands of trusted agents, over 80 insurance companies and years of experience.

We’ve got you covered.
When should I buy final expense insurance?
None of us can know when we’ll pass away or when our health situation may change for the worse. For the best rate, it makes sense to apply for coverage today.
How much final expense coverage do I need?

Everyone has different insurance coverage needs. To help determine how much coverage is right for you and your finances, connect with one of Quility’s insurance agents.

Can I afford final expense insurance?

In most cases, yes. Final expense is an affordable option for people who want straightforward, reliable coverage that lasts for life.

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