AI and Strategies for Avoiding Implementation Roadblocks

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Recently, Digital Journal connected with Quility’s Chief Information Officer, Danielle Conklin, to discuss AI and strategies for avoiding implementation roadblocks.

“AI’s current biggest roadblock is implementing the technology in a way that truly drives productivity, increases efficiency, and makes a significant impact on business outcomes. It’s a tool that is very buzzy and controversial right now, which means that while some fear being replaced by it, others are jumping at the opportunity to adopt AI as quickly as possible.

However, in the name of wanting to be seen as innovative, organizations run the risk of losing focus on the bigger picture, and smaller businesses have the most to gain, but also often struggle the most. Business leaders need to be thorough when making a digital shift and develop a customized plan to integrate the technology into daily business processes to reach the intended goals – that’s the hard part. If last year was the year of trial and testing with AI, this year will be one of implementation, integration, and outcomes.” 

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Two people looking at a computer screen
AI and Strategies for Avoiding Implementation Roadblocks

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