A Mom’s Guide to Life Insurance

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Being a mom comes with so many joys. It also comes with a laundry list of responsibilities (laundry included).  
Fortunately, securing life insurance is an easy item to check off that list! In just minutes, you can invest in both the protection of your family and your own peace of mind. 

Why moms need life insurance

Whether you’re a paycheck-making-mama or not, what you bring to the table is priceless (and would come at a very high cost to your survivors).  

In the event of the unimaginable, there would be financial needs that stretch far beyond the price of a memorial service. Children and their remaining parent would be well-served by having access to grief counseling and extra mental health support. The ability to afford housekeeping assistance—cleaning, yardwork, meal and grocery delivery services—would drastically reduce daily stresses.  

If your children are young, childcare could end up being one of the largest expenses the remaining guardian would incur. While it has always been a high-ticket item, the cost of center-based providers has increased by over 40% over the past two years, easily accounting for a quarter or more of an annual income. 

And there’s plenty more to consider:

  • Tutoring 
  • Transportation 
  • Remaining mortgage payments
  • Medical bills
  • Outstanding debts 

Quility has simple solutions for these complex burdens.  

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With cash value savings, level premiums and customizable coverage, see if permanent life insurance is the perfect fit for your family with our guide.
Single moms

If you’re a single mom, consider life insurance as an absolute must! Term life policies start as low as $20 a month, and you choose the number of years your policy is in force.  Should you pass away during this time, your loved ones would receive a tax-free lump sum to cover living expenses.  

BONUS: Adding a return of premium rider to your term life policy could provide a full refund of paid premiums if your policy is unused at the end of its term. Vacation anyone? 

Expecting moms

It’s never too early to start planning ahead! When it comes to protecting your wages during pregnancy and postpartum, you’ll want to secure a short or long-term disability insurance policy.  
KEEP IN MIND: Once you’re pregnant, it’s already too late to sign up for a policy that will protect that pregnancy or any complications that may occur during delivery. 

Naming beneficiaries

A beneficiary is the person who receives the payout of your life insurance policy should you pass away. If your children are under 18, it’s best to choose an adult beneficiary; someone you trust to appropriately use, distribute and invest the funds.  
Make sure you communicate with your beneficiary about their role.

In addition to understanding your wishes, they would need this information to get the process started: 

  • Name of agent who helped write the policy or the insurance company where the policy is from
  • Death claim form
  • Certified copy of the death certificate 
Quility Level Term = the busy mom’s solution to life insurance

Getting term life insurance is a smart and simple way to protect your loved ones and your finances.  

With Quility Level Term, you can apply for coverage online and get your policy delivered to your inbox in 10 minutes or less. No doctor’s visits or consultations are needed!

Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to get coverage now, our online application takes less than ten minutes.

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