Why You Need Life Insurance in Your 30s 

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When it comes to securing life insurance, the earlier the better. So while you can always do it sooner, your thirties are still a great time to put a policy in place. 

If you’re in your thirties, here are some common scenarios that show why now is the time to buy life insurance

You’re young and healthy

While that achy left knee might be trying to convince you otherwise, you’re still young and probably still in good, overall health. It’s no secret that life insurance costs less when you’re young and well, so don’t wait until candles get added to the cake or illness creeps in. With a policy like Quility Level Term, payments can cost as little as $18 a month and provide up to $1M in coverage.

Most people qualify for term life insurance, and the application process is simple with Quility.

To protect your partner

A 2022 survey showed the average age of marriage in the U.S. is 31 years old. And whether you choose to tie the knot…or not…you might find this third decade to be a great time for partnering up and settling down.  

And while there’s an endless number of ways to show your partner you care, securing life insurance is one of the most meaningful. You’re building a life together and if you were to pass away, your partner would not only carry the burden of funeral expenses but the financial responsibility of mortgage payments, shared assets, loans and debts as well.

Life insurance is love insurance (and takes just 10 minutes or less to apply for)

To protect your home

A home might be the largest purchase you ever make and it’s an investment in the safety of the people you love most. If you were to pass, your home could either continue being a source of stability or it could become the reason for insurmountable stress.

Mortgage protection is an affordable term life insurance policy, designed for homeowners, that allows you to rest easy knowing your home would continue to be paid for in the event of death or significant loss of income. 

To protect your kids

If you’ve already got them, you know you’d do anything to protect them. You also know just how much goes into raising them (and what it costs).

If you were gone, would there be enough money to keep your children housed, fed and involved in the activities that bring them joy and connection? Would your surviving partner have the resources needed to continue saving for college tuition?

Term life insurance offers flexible coverage that can be customized by term length and riders (or “add ons”). Most importantly, it buys you peace of mind—a priceless commodity for any parent.  

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Thinking about bringing a(nother) baby on board? Learn more about your life insurance options during pregnancy!
If you don’t have kids (but you do have debt)

You don’t have to be a parent to need life insurance. All you need is debt! From credit card bills to mortgage payments, debt comes in many forms and if you were to pass away, your loved ones could be on the hook for paying yours off. That would be a harsh addition to an exceptionally hard time.   

Life insurance covers your loans, so your parents or partner don’t have to. 

If you’re starting a business

Congratulations! That concept you’ve been brewing is ready to be bottled and you’re taking on the title of business owner. There are so many ways to set yourself up for success, but before you hang that shingle, have you considered the ways life insurance can not only protect your business but help it thrive?  

Many entrepreneurs are using life insurance to:  

  • Provide collateral for a business loan 
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement
  • Serve as key person and asset protection 
  • Assist with retirement planning 
  • and more! 
If you’re looking ahead

By now you’ve probably caught onto the fact that this ride we call life is full of twists and unexpected turns. How would you support yourself and your loved ones if you were to experience a medical crisis like cancer, stroke or heart attack?

By adding a rider to your policy, like the critical illness rider for example, you could rest easy knowing that a number of qualifying health events would allow you to receive a lump sum of money from your policy’s death benefit, giving you time and the peace of mind to heal and recover. 

Starting to set up your financial future? Life insurance can serve you well beyond worst-case scenarios.

Permanent life insurance comes with a cash savings component that acts like a savings account and grows interest over time. Money from the account can be withdrawn and used for things like paying off debt, funding education or making a down payment on a house. Many people use permanent life insurance to help fund their retirement, making sure those years stay as golden as possible.  

Learn more about living benefits. 

There’s no better time than now to secure coverage!

If you’re in your thirties, Quility has a range of highly customizable life insurance options to fit your current needs, your future goals and your budget. 

Apply online in 10 minutes or less and have a policy delivered straight to your inbox! 

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