Meet Quigley, the new mascot here at Quility! Standing at just 15 inches, Quigley is a North American porcupine with a passion for helping others, making him a natural fit as Quility’s mascot.

The newest addition to the Quility crew, Quigley is here to help you find your perfect policy! Whether you’re shopping our website for an affordable term life policy or you’re looking for an annuity to prepare for retirement, Quigley is here to help.

Before Quigley

Quility was founded in 2020 with a mission to help families and individuals find life insurance without the hassle. We provide our clients with a choice between a 100% online application for life insurance (with your policy delivered to your inbox in 10 minutes or less) or a consultation with a licensed insurance agent.

But there was just one thing missing… a friendly face to guide clients through the process of applying online or scheduling a meeting with their insurance agent. In short order, Quigley stepped into his role as Chief of Quills , becoming the friendly face our clients see as they navigate the (sometimes prickly) world of life insurance.

Quigley’s origin story

Quigley was born on a North Carolina farm with a passion for helping others. From his family and friends to strangers in town, Quigley is infamous for always being willing to lend a helping hand.

He met his wife, Claudia, at 18 and they’ve been in porcu-love ever since. Together, they raise their two porcupettes Quinn and Gisele. As a family, they enjoy long walks to the watering hole and trips to the pumpkin patch for late-night snacks. 

Medicinal Quills
Porcupine quills are coated with potent natural antibiotics. Porcupines are also prone to falling out of trees. If they accidentally prick themselves, they are safe from infection!
Get to know Quigley

When Quigley is not giving you the best life insurance policy around, our resident porcu-pal likes to eat tasty treats, burrow into soft Earth, and watch Netflix and quill.

Here are some fast facts about our friend Quigley:

  • Number of quills: 29,567 to be exact
  • Size: Largest of all porcupine species
  • Favorite treats: Barks and stems, canoe paddles, grapes and sweet potatoes
  • Favorite hobbies: Climbing trees, quill-ting, photoshoots, and burrowing
  • Best feature: His mane, which always looks sharp!
  • Hidden talents: Popping balloons, typing on a computer, rocking a tie!
Quigley’s promising career

Although this little hedgy aspired to pursue a singing career, Quigley instead grew interested in making life insurance less…well…prickly.

Quigley has been preparing for his leading role in Quility’s upcoming national brand campaign (available here) in which he will promote how simple getting life insurance can be.

Outfitted in his signature collar and teal blue tie, Quigley aims to make the life insurance buying process simpler and more enjoyable than most consumers anticipate through Quility’s 100% digital experience, with no medical exams and on-the-spot decision in minutes.

Skillful Swimmers
Porcupines can swim! Their 30,000+ quills act as a permanent life jacket, supporting them as they paddle through the water.
The next chapter
As we continue to expand our product portfolio, grow our agent base nationwide, and continuously improve the innovative ways we’re helping our clients, Quigley will be right at our side. And with more than 4,000 agents across the country and partnerships with more than 80+ insurance companies, we’re just getting started! Quigley is ready to help even more people find the coverage they need to protect their loved ones and gain peace of mind. Ready to find your perfect policy? Chat with Quigley or fill out our 10-minute application for Quility Level Term life insurance today – you’ll be surprised just how simple it is!

Want to join our team?

Learn more about career opportunities at our corporate locations or as an agent.

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