Quility Engage National Conference Recap

Quility Engage National Conference 2023

Quility national conferences bring our nationwide network of agents together to learn, grow and celebrate. In August 2023, we continued that tradition at the Engage national conference in Denver, Colorado. Quility is the parent company of Symmetry Financial Group, which supports more than 5,000 insurance agents across the nation as they help clients find the perfect insurance coverage.

This conference centered around the power of engagement and its impact on personal and professional growth. Here, we’re recapping all the exciting speakers, rollouts and recognition we shared during Engage 2023.

For those unable to attend, this is an opportunity to catch up on everything missed at our Engage 2023 National Conference.

Engagement in the Mile High City

The Engage 2023 National Conference was held at the Bellco Theater in Denver Colorado on August 9-11. Thousands of Symmetry life insurance agents from around the country showed up to engage with each other, carrier partners, and keynote speakers.

Industry experts

Engage 2023 attendees were treated to a host of industry experts who took the stage to offer their stories and advice. We heard from veteran agents with Symmetry and leadership from the corporate office who talked about everything from the power of delivering a policy’s death benefit to a beneficiary to the importance of culture in our organization.

Make a Ripple

Founder, Meredith Ellison, took the stage during Engage 2023 to talk about The Ripple Model.™ During her segment, she described the pillars that support our wholehearted culture:

  • Community Outreach
  • Women+ Empowerment
  • Well-Being and Personal Growth

During her time, Ellison shared some inspirational stats with the audience on how far Symmetry and Quility have both come to make an impact in communities across the nation. It was a great time to recognize all the achievements our organizational culture has made.

From enriching and impacting communities to living with intention and aligning with our highest selves, The Ripple Model is our roadmap to creating a wholehearted culture.

Organizational rollouts

During Engage 2023, Quility Founders and corporate leadership took the stage to share exciting organizational rollouts that will have a large impact on us as a company.

From improvements to the Quility Leads Marketplace to an exciting new partnership, there was a lot to share.

New digital products!

During the Founders Address, Founders Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison discussed the ongoing and future changes to Quility Leads Marketplace.

They went through all the digital and analog products our agents already have access to, as well as some new products they can look forward to.

Among the new products, Engage 2023 attendees learned about a new IUL product with F&G as well as a new Debt Free Life (DFL) product with Foresters.

Partnership with F&G

Continuing Engage 2023’s organizational rollouts, we announced a significant investment from F&G Annuities & Life. This announcement supports Quility as we continue to revolutionize the insurance space. We couldn’t have been more excited to share this exciting news with our audience.

Through this investment, we will be able to accelerate Quility’s insurtech, automation, and leads platforms, making the insurance purchasing process easier and faster for our agents and clients.

Read the full announcement here!

Keynote speakers

It wouldn’t be a Quility National Conference without some exciting keynote speakers. At Engage 2023, we had three! Each speaker brought his or her expertise outside of the insurance industry.

From leveraging change to understanding energy management, each one of these speakers wowed audience members and found new ways for Symmetry agents to interact with their communities, clients and themselves.

Vanessa Loder

Keynote Speaker, Vanessa Loder, shared with our audience the power of living a truly engaged life. By harnessing the power of meditation and mindfulness, Loder described a path to success that optimizes your energy while having greater control over your daily reactions.

Loder also kicked off Engage 2023 with an exclusive Women+ Empowerment event where she gave a copy of her book, “The Soul Solution: A Guide for Brilliant, Overwhelmed Women to Quiet the Noise, Find Their Superpower, and (Finally) Feel Satisfied,” to everyone who attended.

Cassandra Worthy

Another Keynote Speaker at Engage 2023, Cassandra Worthy, showed our audience the power of leveraging change and becoming a change enthusiast.

She challenged attendees to harness adaptability, resilience and perseverance to fuel their growth and drive their passion. Her three steps for cultivating change: “The Signal,” “The Opportunity,” and “The Choice,” helped audience members discover their inner change enthusiast.

Dr. Jim Loehr

Our third and final keynote speaker was Dr. Jim Loehr, a literal doctor of engagement. Using data-driven insights, Dr. Loehr discussed the necessity of growing from stressful situations and detailing the dynamics of energy.

According to Dr. Loehr, a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health can lead to higher performance and keep you fully engaged with clients, family and yourself.

Awards and recognition

During the 2023 National Conference, we also took the time to acknowledge all the hard work and accomplishments of our agent force. From impact awards to the coveted Symmetry Blue Jacket, there was plenty of recognition to go around.

Block party at Sculpture Park

We wrapped things up with an outdoor celebration at Sculpture Park, just a short walk away from the Denver Convention Center.

Engage 2023 attendees were treated to a host of food trucks, yard games and a light-up dance floor to highlight all the successful rug-cutting of our agents.

Engage 2023

Whether you had a front-row seat or just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, we hope this recap captured even a fraction of the excitement and engagement we all shared in Denver.

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