Tips for Buying Life Insurance if You Have Student Loan Debt

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If you have any amount of private student loan debt, having life insurance is essential to ensure your cosigner would not be on the hook for that debt if you were to pass away unexpectedly.

Getting term life insurance is a simple and affordable way to ensure that your loved ones are protected from inheriting your debts, and rates can be as low as $20/month – it’s a win-win.  

Tip #1: Know how much debt you’d leave behind to a cosigner

While federal loans are forgiven upon death, most private student loan companies will hold your cosigner or family members accountable for any loan debt you leave behind. If your private lender doesn’t offer student loan death forgiveness, you must have a plan in place to protect your loved ones from facing this financial hardship.

Tip #2: Determine if you live in a state where your spouse would be on the hook for your student loans

In certain states, your spouse may be responsible for your student loans. Some states classify student loan debt as marital property even if the spouse did not cosign the loan. While this is rare, it’s important to know the ins and outs of your loan so you can prepare for whatever life brings.  

Tip #3: Get term life insurance

For those with private student loans, it makes sense to get a term life insurance policy. Term life insurance is affordable, customizable, and can last for a set number of years.

Term life insurance is the most affordable type of coverage with the most customization available. Term life, which lasts for a certain number of years, offers financial protection during the years you expect to be paying off your student loans.

Terms range from 10,15,20-30 years and your coverage amount can be customized to match your loan amount.

As long as you pay your premiums on time, your term life insurance policy stays active until the term is up. If you pass away during this term, your loved ones (aka the cosigner on your student loans) would receive a lump sum (the coverage amount) that they can use to pay off the remainder of your student loans – and other debts if necessary.  

Tip #4: Get covered while you’re young and healthy

Young and healthy individuals can qualify for a term life insurance policy for as low as $20/month. Your coverage would allow you to have peace of mind for years to come, knowing that your loved ones wouldn’t be on the hook for a hefty loan payment if you pass away.

Even more, you could add a return of premium rider to your coverage which would provide a full refund of the monthly premiums you paid into your policy over the years if you didn’t need to use your policy at the end of the term.  

Tip #5: Work with an agent who can shop on your behalf
If you want to avoid the hassle of searching for the best price, connecting with a licensed agent is the way to go. Your agent can shop around from carriers nationwide to find the best price for your budget and help you qualify in just a few simple steps.
Tip #6: Designate the right beneficiary

When you purchase a new term life insurance policy, you’ll need to select a beneficiary. This is the person who will receive the death benefit of your policy when you pass away. 

For those with private student loans, naming the cosigner of the loan as your beneficiary makes the most sense. 

It’s important to choose someone you trust and be sure to let your loved one know that they are listed as your chosen beneficiary.  

The bottom line
A life insurance policy can provide a payout to cover your debt, and it can help you secure your financial future by adding riders and locking in a low rate for years to come. Quility partners with more than 80 insurance companies to give you the power of choice when it comes to shopping for insurance. We work with top brands including American Amicable, Foresters Financial, Mutual of Omaha and more. By partnering with more than 80 companies, we can shop around to find the product you need at the best price for your budget. Let’s get a policy in place today — visit our ten-minute online application for term life insurance to get started!

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If you are ready to get coverage now, our online application takes less than ten minutes.

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