How to Weave Wellness Into Your Workday

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With many of us experiencing an increase in screentime and a decrease in face-to-face human interaction, even a great day at work can test our well-being. How we care for ourselves throughout the 9-5 is just as important as how we care for ourselves during the 5-9. But how can we incorporate wellness when meetings, deadlines and a mountain of to-dos put up a strong fight for our attention? 

At Quility, employee well-being and connectedness are central to company culture. So central in fact, Quility Co-Founder, Meredith Ellison, and Senior Director of Well-Being and Community Outreach, Whit Zeh, worked in tandem to develop The Ripple Model—an initiative that provides “a roadmap for creating wholehearted culture.” This model arms staff with data-driven tools for empowerment, well-being and personal growth as well as opportunities for sustainable community outreach.  

Recently, we sat down with these two inspirational women, and they shared their top five tips for weaving wellness into the workday. Enjoy! 

#1: Five to thrive

Created by Whit and Meredith themselves, this five-step system is an effective way to start and end each day with clarity and awareness.  

Intention setting: What is your intention for the day? 
Meditation: What style and for how long? 
Movement: What kind of movement and for how long?  
Journal: Share insights and gratitudes about your day. 
Reflect and reframe: What were your successes? What area did not go as planned? What growth opportunities have been presented? What can you learn?  

#2: Take a minute to arrive

Use this tool before a meeting or any other moment of transition when a reset could benefit you and the people around you. What do you do with your minute? That’s up to you!

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Notice your breath
  • Do a few stretches
  • Take a quick walk around your home or office building
  • Sing a song in your head 
  • Watch a funny reel or meme 

The possibilities are almost endless. Just remember to keep your one-minute activity short and sweet; you’re aiming to mark the end of one activity and settle your nervous system for the next. 

#3: Stand up!

Yep, there are apps for that. Download something like the “Stand Up!” app for free and use it as your work break timer and reminder.

You can count on standing regularly throughout your day to: 

  • Improve brain performance 
  • Increase productivity and focus
  • Decrease stress and tension from body and mind 
#4: Take a lunch break

Living in a virtual world and working from home make it all too easy to power through. In reality, a proper lunch break is important and an opportunity to nourish yourself every day.

Try taking at least 30 minutes to enjoy a meal without answering texts, calls and emails. Quick eater? Use any leftover time to stretch or take a walk.

Set an alarm or consider using an accountability partner to make sure your midday meal is an everyday commitment. 

#5: Create moments of intentional connection

Make the time, either virtually or in person, to connect with people without talking about work. Get curious, ask questions, let folks know you are thinking about them and that you care. You never know what a two-minute check-in might do for someone. 

We hope these tips are helpful in creating a workday that prioritizes wellness. When we’re at our  best, success is an easy and natural outcome. 

To learn more about The Ripple Model, visit

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