Strong Foundation Life Insurance for Diabetics

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Quility’s mission is to provide the best insurance solutions for everyone, whatever life stage they’re in. Along with this, we aim to offer products that align with your needs: from your unique budget to certain health conditions, we have an insurance product that will fit your life. Having a pre-existing condition should not prevent you from having financial protection – read on to learn about Strong Foundation term life insurance for diabetics. 

One in four young adults are living with prediabetes

Approximately  37 million people live with diabetes. Of those 37 million, 22 percent of them are younger than 50 years old. The likelihood of developing diabetes only increases as you get older but securing a life insurance policy while you’re young can ensure that your loved ones and finances are protected for the future. 

Approximately  one in four young adults are living with prediabetes. These individuals have higher-than-normal blood sugar that, left unchecked, will develop into Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be very expensive, so having financial protection like life insurance can support your loved ones if you were no longer around to help with the family bills.   

With the annual cost of medical expenses in the U.S. averaging at about $327 billion, it’s more important than ever to take measures to protect your income and your loved ones with life insurance. 

Strong Foundation Level Term life insurance

Strong Foundation term life insurance from Foresters Financial is a term life policy for diabetics. This product provides your family the financial protection they need no matter what life brings. With fixed premiums and set coverage amounts, Strong Foundation can protect all of life’s stages while fitting into your monthly budget. This affordable life insurance policy is tailored for individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

With Strong Foundation, you can apply for coverage entirely online through Quility, securing up to $400,000 in coverage with no medical exam. 

This policy is renewable, meaning that you can extend the length of your coverage if you reach the end of the term (terms usually last from 10 to 30 years). It’s also convertible, so you could convert your policy to a permanent policy if you decide you need life-long coverage.

The coverage also comes with several policy riders that will appeal to anyone with preexisting conditions. You will even have access to complimentary preparation services that will help you appoint someone as power of attorney and have support in creating a healthcare directive.

Typical underwriting processes can be a deterrent for diabetics seeking life insurance coverage

With Quility, diabetics can now secure affordable life insurance coverage with no medical exams necessary. That means that you can get coverage all from the comfort of home: no blood tests needed.  
During the application process, you will answer a series of health questions to describe your diabetes management plan. You may pay a slightly higher premium if you face additional health issues like hypertension or kidney disease.  

Add riders to your Strong Foundation policy for more benefits

The Strong Foundation term life insurance policy also comes with a list of affordable add-ons called riders. Choose between a chronic, critical or terminal illness rider that will provide distribution of the policy’s death benefit if you face an untimely diagnosis. These riders are especially appealing if you have preexisting conditions like diabetes that might cause further health complications later in life. Payouts with these riders can be made in one lump sum or through a series of payments. 

A unique highlight of Strong Foundation life insurance for diabetics is the option of a Charity Benefit rider. This policy rider will allow you to designate a charity of your choice as a primary or secondary beneficiary of your policy. With this rider, you can leave a financial legacy with a non-profit you’re passionate about. 

Protect your legacy with Strong Foundations term life insurance

With Quility, you can get the affordable life insurance coverage you need in one easy application. Getting term life insurance is a decision that will protect your loved ones and provide you with peace of mind for years to come. If you have a mortgage or carry debt, term life insurance ensures that your loved ones aren’t left with this burden when you’re gone.  

If you’re ready to get coverage, fill out our online application today. You’ll be on your way to securing coverage in less than 10 minutes!

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If you are ready to get coverage now, our online application takes less than ten minutes.

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