Quility is proud to be a 2021 Signature Event Sponsor for the Chow Chow Culinary Event Series in Asheville, North Carolina. With the tagline of “Coming together over the things we can’t live without,” Chow Chow 2021 is back for a second year, this time featuring more than 30 events between June and September 2021. The series will offer a mix of in-person events as well as corresponding virtual series of classes, demos, and workshops.

Chow Chow Asheville is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to celebrate and enrich the unique foodways of the Southern Appalachian region. The event celebrates the culinary traditions of the region while promoting an equitable food system.

Chow Chow runs from June 27 to September 26, 2021, and highlights nationally and locally recognized chefs, multi-generational farmers and millers, bakers, artists, and brewers. A variety of more than thirty events are scheduled for the summer series, ranging from conversations around chocolate and climate change to stories of the traditions of cuisines lost and gained when people migrate to and from the region.

All sponsors of and participants in Chow Chow 2021 have been asked to support the non-profit’s efforts toward building a more equitable organization. Learn more about the event series here.

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