Get To Know MaKayla, Quility’s Life Lessons Scholarship Recipient
Get To Know MaKayla, Quility’s Life Lessons Scholarship Recipient

In August, Quility announced its first higher education sponsorship and selected MaKayla Cook as its 2022 Life Lessons Scholarship recipient. If you haven’t yet heard MaKayla’s powerful story, take a moment to listen to it in her own words: 

As a corporate sponsor, Quility has made a commitment to financially support MaKayla for one full academic year. Additionally, Quility staff have been invited to celebrate her journey by gifting needed home and school supplies. 

We’ll be checking in on MaKayla from time to time throughout her Junior year at Appalachian State University. This first catch-up comes as she’s just beginning her first semester. 

Since receiving the news of her scholarship, MaKayla has been as busy as ever continuing to work full time, setting up her new home and diving into a full schedule of high-level classes.  

So, we’re keeping it light with this Q&A and getting to know who MaKayla is in addition to the inspiring, resilient young woman who’s putting in ALL THE WORK for her mega-watt future. 

So MaKayla… 

What song do you have on repeat right now? 
Pretty much everything by Kolton Moore & The Clever Few, but in particular their song “Dear Mom.” 

Favorite Halloween costume of all time? 
Probably when I was an inmate my freshman year of college. Orange pants and all! 

What sounds dreamier: living on a big farm or living in a big city? 
Definitely a big farm with lots of acres. I grew up in the country with a donkey (and a horse named Lightning).  

If you were destined to be famous, what would you want to be famous for? 
This is such a hard question, but I’d have to say—being the founder and director of a nonprofit that focuses on addiction, domestic violence and children in the welfare system. 

If you had a boat, what would you name it? 
Boat To Be Wild! 

Quility’s Life Lessons Scholarship Recipient
MaKayla Cook, Appalachian State University

We wish MaKayla a wonderful start to her 2022-2023 school year and can’t wait to follow-up again.  

You can learn more about applying for a scholarship, making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor by visiting Life Lessons Scholarship Program

You can also explore the many ways Quility serves its communities through sustainable engagement by reviewing Quility’s Impact

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