In 2020, our partner companies Symmetry Financial Group and Asurea Insurance Services combined under the name Quility. This partnership unites more than 4,000 licensed insurance agents across the nation.

“Symmetry and Asurea have worked in alignment with each other since our company’s inception,” says Symmetry Financial Group Co-Founder Casey Watkins. “There is great synergy between the organizations and within there lies an immense opportunity for us to leverage each other’s strengths in the market. Asurea brings an incredible team of proven professionals, from the agents in the field to those in the corporate office. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, including our agents and the clients we serve.”

Under the Quility umbrella, our nationwide group of insurance agents will be able to further expand the impact they’re able to make in the lives of their clients.

Quility offers online services for clients to qualify for term life insurance and mortgage protection insurance, as well as insurance products ranging from final expense insurance to the Debt Free Life insurance solution.

“For the last decade, we have been fortunate to work alongside Symmetry Financial Group with a mutual focus on protecting America’s families, as Asurea has done for the last 28 years,” says Mike Hansen, Head of Product Solutions at Asurea Insurance Services. “Both companies share similar values of positively impacting the lives of our clients and providing simple solutions to the complex problems faced by clients. Symmetry Financial Group’s expertise in recruiting new talent combined with Asurea’s strength in training and development generates a leap in value for our clients, agents, and stakeholders. Together, our expanded reach and depth advances our common mission of protecting the American dream one family at a time.”

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