6 Healthy Habits to Help You Qualify for Life Insurance

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Life insurance is an essential financial tool that provides protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. As you get older and have dependents, sign a mortgage or own a small business, it becomes increasingly important to get life insurance coverage to protect your finances in the event of unexpected circumstances.

We’re sharing six key habits that can help you qualify for life insurance and get the best price on your policy. 

Why your health matters in the life insurance application process

To get the best possible life insurance premium (monthly payment), adopting healthy habits can make a significant difference. Even though most term life insurance policies don’t require a medical exam or doctor’s visit, your premium price is affected by your “insurability.”

Your insurability is based on your health and lifestyle at the time you apply for coverage. During the life insurance application process, the insurance carrier reviews your health, medical conditions and lifestyle/hobbies to determine your coverage rate. 

With online life insurance, this only takes a few minutes, and you can secure a policy like Quility Level Term in your inbox in 10 minutes or less.  

1. Take a stroll or a stretch break

Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic disease while improving cardiovascular health. Whether it’s walking around the block, strength training, or doing some flexibility exercises during the workday, a regular exercise plan can help you mitigate some of the health conditions that could affect your life insurance premium (like high blood pressure)

2. Fill up on fruits and veggies

A balanced and nutritious diet is key for physical and mental well-being. Focus on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. As much as possible, try to avoid processed sugary snacks and drinks. A healthy diet can also help you manage health aspects that relate to your insurability.  

3. Don’t skip the doctor’s visits!

Regular health check-ups are essential for early detection and prevention of health issues. By taking a responsible and proactive approach to your well-being, you’ll be recognized as a lower risk profile to insurance providers. 

4. Nix the nicotine

Nicotine use is one factor that can not only increase your risk of various diseases, but it can also negatively impact your eligibility for life insurance. Most life insurance applications ask about nicotine use. Quitting smoking is one way to increase your chances of qualifying for life insurance at more favorable rates. 

5. Find zen within your day

Chronic stress is harmful for your physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise, mindfulness practices, adequate sleep, and engaging in hobbies you enjoy can help you take your stress levels down and support a balanced life.  

6. Avoid risky hobbies

Unfortunately, life insurers don’t love skydiving. Some simple ways to lessen your risk profile include safe driving, wearing seatbelts and avoiding potentially dangerous physical activities. These habits demonstrate commitment to reducing potential risks, which can positively influence your life insurance application. 

Check ‘get life insurance’ off your to-do list today

If you’re ready to get a policy for you and your loved ones, Quility is here to make it simple. Fill out a quick form to get your quote and then continue to the completely online application for Quility Level Term life insurance. You’ll have a policy in your inbox just a few minutes later! And if you have any questions, our insurance agents are only a click away.

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