Meredith Ellison is a Quility Co-Founder and Whit Zeh is Quility’s Senior Director of Corporate Well-Being and Community Outreach. Together, they are the Co-Creators of The Ripple Model™—an initiative that provides a roadmap for creating whole-hearted culture. 

Meredith and Whit also go by the trail names Fern and Blue, respectively. Below, Meredith offers the story behind the aliases, and we’re showing off the new Fern + Blue signature—a special mark used for special things. 

A letter from Meredith Ellison, Co-Founder of Quility and The Ripple Model:

Whit and I love to be in nature just about more than anything else. It’s how we keep things moving, push through stagnancy and stay in our light. It’s also a place where we dream, process, plan, cry and connect.

Hiking reminds us to keep moving; to keep moving on the trail and keep moving in life. 

When Whit and I hit our biggest hiking achievement—40 miles in a single day to celebrate our 40th year of life, we started thinking more seriously about the trail names which are common among endurance hikers like Jennifer Pharr Davis. We gave it time, letting them come naturally.  

In time, Whit claimed the name Blue because of the color of her sons’ eyes; because they loved picking blueberries on the Blue Ridge Parkway and because of a children’s book she cherishes—“Blueberries for Sal.” I decided on Fern, one of my favorite forest floor plants and a reminder of home.  

So that’s the story behind the names and the signature you’ll see when a thought, learning or wondering comes straight from us—Fern and Blue.  

And while The Ripple Model is an initiative designed within Quility and with our agents and corporate staff in mind, we believe anyone can benefit from its content and everyone can contribute to its evolution. Let’s widen the path and climb together.  


Ripple on,  
Fern + Blue

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The Ripple Model™ is a Quility initiative that provides a roadmap for creating whole-hearted company culture. Those who engage with the model have access to Women+ Empowerment tools, cutting-edge information pertaining to well-being and personal growth and opportunities to participate in community outreach efforts.

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